Alternatives to fight, flight, freeze instincts utilize movement to re-establish your center and re-oriented expectations so that expression is less likely to produce opposition. This requires the individual to Release, Reposition, Articulate, Adapt.

• Release

o Sageru is to hang down or drop…  Any interaction contains a transition from expectation to realization.  Rather than attempting to change reality to meet expectations, reality is used as a point of reference that informs direction away from oppositional behavior toward goal-oriented action.

• Reposition

o Ai uchi is mutual opposition resulting in reliance on power and the potential for mutual destruction.   Aikido is unique in that standing in hanmi moves the aikidoist off the line of attack; the goal is to reconnect to the center utilizing mobility in contrast to fighting for control and position.

• Articulate

o Kokyu Ho is “breath power,” referring to the ability to change the dynamic of an entrenched conflict by changing elements surrounding the central strggle rather than fighting toward subtractive or suppressive solutions.

• Adapt

o Henka refers to adapting your “position” or approach in order to untangle the results of initiated action.  From many non-oppositional possibilities come a finite number of unopposed opportunities.

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