Educators and Administrators

Sarete offers strategies and methods for educators interested in “Topping the class.”  Focused practice will emphasize improving presence, connection, and non-oppositional engagement. The goal is to build and maintain productive and supportive leadership in the context of expectations, confrontations, and all that stuff kids bring to the table.

Stepping to the head of the class

  • Leadership presence
  • Inviting excellence
  • Asserting expectations

Finding connections and providing opportunities

  • Initiation and engagement
  • Response and redirection
  • Boundaries and barriers

Reducing conflict, stress, and anxiety

  • Non-oppositional discourse, deterrence, and discipline
  • Centering, relaxation, and mobility
  • Security, Space, and patience

Look at what your teacher can do…

  • Methods of reducing physical confrontation
  • Opportunities in the classroom
  • Additional supports for students