Law Enforcement

Sarete offers strategies and methods for law officers interested in “keeping the peace” through manifesting authority while minimizing the escalation of conflict.  Focused practice will emphasize non-oppositional engagement, self-regulation, and adaptive responses to evolving situations. The goal is to increase officers’ capacity to manifest and maintain authority in the context of stress, opposition, and confrontation.

In the presence of authority

  • Manifesting authority
  • Reducing residual stress and aggression
  • Returning to center

In the actions of authority

  • Approach and engagement
  • Response and redirection
  • Outcomes and Reorientation

In the response of opposition

  • Non-oppositional de-escalation
  • Security, adaptability, and self-regulation
  • Methods of redirecting physical confrontation

Tactics for addressing physical confrontation

  • Open-handed opportunities
  • Breaking free without breaking anything
  • Group confrontation strategies