Sarete offers a developmental opportunity for experienced and developing leadership to removing obstacle and maximizing current and evolving capabilities. Focus is placed on how presentation, response, and engagement can increase effective leadership in the context of stress, pressure, and opportunity.

Leadership through presence

  • Invest in the nonverbal dialogue.
  • Engage through physical presentation.
  • Develop and support a return to center.

Leadership through response

  • Recognize conflict as a need for change.
  • Promote self-improvement as first step toward solutions.
  • Build strength and support for goal-oriented action.

Leadership through opportunity

  • Initiate available change to promote larger possibilities.
  • Maintain directional goals while exploring adaptive processes.
  • Utilize group capabilities to maximize potential.

Leadership amongst opposition

  • Increase capacity for non-oppositional engagement.
  • Reorient roles to reduce the cause and impact of conflict.
  • Develop positive resolution strategies that strengthen relationships and increase opportunity.