Restorative Justice and Diversion

Sarete offers a restorative opportunity for teens and adults in the justice system for “Making Peace” through resolution while building skills in self-regulation and conflict management. Focus is placed on centered responses to reduce the impact and consequences of conflict in contexts that may not support positive change.

Self-regulation in the face of confrontation

  • Practice action and behavior that reduces snap-reactions.
  • Maintain an assertive presence while making way for non-oppositional outcomes.
  • Develop opportunities for de-escalation and resolution.

Presentation and engagement

  • Manifest centered and goal-oriented self.
  • Utilize nonverbal relationship skills.
  • Reduce anxiety, stress, and on other impacts of forming and renewing relationships beyond transition.

Responses and alternatives to oppositional behavior

  • Reduce personal contributions to conflict.
  • Identify opportunities for non-oppositional responses and goal-oriented action.
  • Develop resolution strategies for personal and professional relationships.

New opportunities and building community

  • Connect with others seeking positive transition.
  • Connect to the broader Aikido community.
  • Connect with new possibilities for personal growth.