wellness draft

Sarete offers a transitional framework for groups of soldiers to re-engage with “be-ing in peacetime,” through utilizing strengths and capabilities while building skills in problem solving and conflict resolution. Focus is placed on centering and self-regulation in the context of stress, anxiety, and conflict to manifest a present, secure, and engaged self

Breathing, posture, and prepartation exercises are used to maintain a centered present state.

      Breathing for rest and readiness


  • Breathing reflects your state of mind and body.
  • Focused breathing supports a physical equilibrium by returning the body and mind to supportive roles.
  • Breathing exercises can be used orient thoughts, actions, and behaviors toward goal-oriented attention.
      Standing with attention and engagement
  • Posture reflects your state of energy.
  • Being present and open increases the capacity for positive sensory experience.
  • Practiced action focuses attention on connecting effort and energy to the present moment.

Gesture, interaction, and strategy can regulate the prolonged physiological layover of combat.

Practice occurs in a group setting of fellow soldiers to provide a context for positive engagement and physical contact.  This experience builds off shared experience, struggles, and goals to initiate positive physical and personal engagement that may be absent in the transition to civilian life.




Recovery, transition, and growth is difficult in the presence of new conflict.  Problem solving and resolution strategies will be included to reduce the impact and prevalence of conflict.  Aikido utilizes non-oppositional problem solving, which can aid in understanding and addressing interpersonal conflict and resolution.