Sarete offers a chance to focus on self-improvement and life-skills in the workplace by “working it out,” while building practices for problem solving and conflict resolution. Physical activity will focus on centering and rejuvenation in the context of stress to allow energy to be reserved for goal-oriented action.

The workplace can become a place where you don’t feel like yourself.  You feel as if others see you only as what you do and don’t do for the job.  Centering brings you and the work-you back on the same page to increase your capacity to contribute your unique qualities to the workplace.

    Clear your head, relax your body, move skillfully.
    Focus breathing, mind, and self
    • Focus breathing to establish a physical equilibrium.
    • Focus your mind and body on receiving rather then presenting and processing information.
    • Focus feelings, thoughts, and actions toward “be-ing” present and in the moment.
    Align posture, muscles, and intention.
    • Align posture to establish able physical structure.
    • Align muscles to reduce residual effort and tension.
    • Align what you are doing and not doing by coordinating your mind, body, and structure toward a present intention.
    Coordinate action, movement, and expression
    • Coordinate action and motivation with shared goals.
    • Coordinate movements and muscles with complimentary mechanics.
    • Coordinate expression and engagement with what you are doing, being, and wanting.

Stress and conflict are natural in any work environment.  Practices that reduce the impact of stress and promote positive energy allow the work that you do to be more productive and less draining.

    Increase your capacity to play a productive and non-oppositional role in the workplace.
    Establish a secure and empowered self
    • Recognize that you don’t have to be a target for stress, conflict, and opposition.
    • Reduce the need for force, control, or advantage to establish security.
    • Utilize your individual strengths towards goals rather than towards opposition.
    Maintain motivation, direction, and collaboration.
    • Initiate and utilize non-oppositional action.
    • Work towards evolving possibilities to achieve present goals.
    • Benefit from the energy and actions of others who share common or complimentary goals.
    Increase physical activity while utilizing positive problem solving
    Develop the physical “I”
    • Physical activity allows health and wellness to be a source of feeling successful.
    • Building physical capabilities can build confidence and initiative.
    • Participating in positive contact and interaction develops supportive and empowering relationships.
    Build life skills and strategies
    • Experiencing alternative approaches and responses to physical conflict promote resolution practices in our daily life.
    • Opening to and accepting contact and interaction can reduce the prevalence of stress and conflict.
    • Embodied learning of skills and strategies are more likely to have a long-term positive effect on health, wellness and relationships.